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ImageRights Recovery

The ImageRights Recovery team works with you to pursue settlement fees for the unauthorized use of your images.

Photographers are frustrated due to the lack of resources available to follow through once they become aware of an infringement. The missing link is an integrated business solution such as the ImageRights' Recovery service which will aid the photographer in converting the infringement report into income. -Liz Ordonez Professional Photographer

Unfortunately, discovering unauthorized uses of your copyrighted images is not all that difficult; it’s the follow up with the infringing sites that can create an intolerable drain on your time and resources. The ImageRights Recovery service has been designed to take on this burden for you in order to make the pursuit of these actions as painless and expedient as possible.

ImageRights eliminates the barriers that most often deter professional photographers from pursuing copyright infringement claims:

  • COST - ImageRights will take on a case for little or no fee.
  • TIME & RESOURCES - ImageRights manages infringement claims for rights holders, as well as searches for additional unlicensed uses. ImageRights also handles US Copyright Registration filings.
  • LEGAL REPRESENTATION - ImageRights provides access to our global legal partner and copyright attorney network.
  • NEGOTIATING LEVERAGE - ImageRights leverages its expertise, scale & legal network to pave the way for speedier, higher-value settlements.

To maximize your ability to recover settlement fees on an infringed use of your images, it's important that you register all of your work with the U.S. Copyright Office. This should be part of every photographer's work flow. If you prefer to have someone manage the registration process for you, then contact ImageRights to find out how we can help.


You may submit infringement claims directly to the ImageRights Recovery team. 

Our first step in most cases is to try to secure a retroactive license with the infringer.  If they don’t comply, we can then route the case to one of our partner copyright attorneys who can determine the best approach for pursuing the claim through the legal process.

To submit a case, email the following information to

  1. The infringing URL(s)
  2. The image files that were infringed 
  3. Any screen shots you have and dates taken
  4. The amount you would have charged if they had licensed the original normally
  5. The USCO registration status of the images (registered, pending, or not registered); include the USCO Registration numbers for those images that are registered.

Prior to ImageRights taking on your first case, you will need to sign up for an ImageRights account.

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