I have received an ImageRights Copyright Infringement Claim Notification.

You’re probably reading this page because you have received a notification of copyright Infringement. This means that ImageRights, on behalf of the copyright holder, usually a photographer, artist or image agency, has sent you a notice that an image is being used on your website without record of a valid license from the copyright holder.

What is ImageRights?

ImageRights International is a copyright agent that provides copyright services to photo agencies and professional photographers worldwide to ensure that their intellectual property rights are protected and that they are compensated for the unauthorized use of their visual artwork.

Why did I receive a Copyright Infringement Claim Notification?

You have received a notification of a copyright Infringement because the copyright holder has determined that your use of the imagery is unlicensed.

I did not know that this image was protected by copyright.

Unfortunately, copyright infringement can sometimes occur without your knowledge.  Copyright protection exists automatically the moment a work is created.  Publication, registration, watermarks, and notices of copyright are not required to secure a copyright.

For example, the images that you captured on your personal device, such as your camera or phone, are protected, and nothing needs to happen for that to be, as copyright protection exists automatically the moment an image is created.

Anyone who copies, publicly displays or publicly distributes an image without appropriate permission infringes the copyright whether they were aware that the use was infringing or not.

How do I resolve this?

  1. Resolution includes both removal of the imagery and payment of the fee for the prior unauthorized use.
  2. If the images were licensed under an alternate company name (dba) or in the name of a third party, you should reply to the email you received with information on the sales order, invoice or other pertinent licensing information.
  3. Purchasing a license after the unauthorized use has occurred will only cover use going forward and will not resolve your prior unauthorized use.