September 11, 2015Win a Dream Photo Tour of Jordan!

ImageRights is thrilled to announce their sponsorship of Photoshelter's Dream Photo Tour Competition! Submit your best travel photo by September 21st to enter! Click here for full details.

September 02, 2015ImageRights Newsletter

The first ImageRights Newsletter featuring photographer John Annerino, updates on ImageRights, and debunking copyright myths. To view the full version click here.

July 22, 2015ImageRights Unveils Groundbreaking Service for Registering Photographs with the US Copyright Office

ImageRights offers free USCO registration filings to ImageRights photographers

July 14, 2015Copyright For Photographers: What You Should Know to Protect Yourself

Watch this roundtable hosted by RGG EDU with ImageRights CEO Joe Naylor and photographer Peter Coulson, covering the ins and outs of copyright infringement and the services ImageRights provides to protect your work.

Watch the full video here

June 19, 2015The Joy of Other People's Success

"He walked me through all the reasons that all the investors had told him they were passing and we both sort of shook our heads in confusion."

"Thankfully he stuck with it and it's growing and ImageRights is solving a very real, painful problem for a very large, passionate group of customers: professional photographers and publishers."

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June 18, 2015Ignite Your Brand with Juliette Wolf-Robin, Charlotte

As a freelance photographer you wear many hats, including being Chief Marketing Officer. So many balls to juggle. So little time. What you may need is just the right spark to solidify your brand and ignite your business potential.

Every attendee will receive one free on-line copyright registration through ImageRights International - that’s right: you will be able to register your photography with the United States Copyright Office through the ImageRights website, for no charge and with a much easier process than through the government site direct.

Read the full event description on the APA site

April 24, 2015Thievery Loves Company: Fighting Image Copyright Infringement

When stolen images impact your livelihood it’s time to take action, which is exactly what Alex Wild, an insect photographer, Curator of Entomology at the University of Texas at Austin, and Blogger for Scientific American, did.

Alex has been losing a significant amount of income from different companies using his insect images without permission. He decided to use ImageRights International, an image recovery service that finds, evaluates the merit of your case/s, and partners with lawyers to help photographers, photo agencies, and publishers recuperate money from stolen images.

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April 03, 2015So Your Company Has Been Found Using My Photos Without Permission. What Next?

In August I hired ImageRights International, a reputable copyright enforcement agency, to assume the routine handling of commercial infringements of my professional work. There are a lot. Starting in September 2014, companies began receiving letters from ImageRights’ partner law firms seeking to resolve these infringements on my behalf.

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March 07, 2015Statement Regarding Alamy's New Contributor Contract Terms

As a supporter and defender of photographers' rights, ImageRights laments the continuing erosion of the rights and protections afforded photographers by their commercial distribution partners. These rights and protections are critical to the livelihoods of photographers individually and to the vitality of the profession and to the arts overall. Yet, perplexingly, the terms of service that their selling agents are forcing upon them (for example, retroactive licensing of infringers, and retention of licensing rights in perpetuity) effectively degrade - not by law but in practice - the copyright status of their works to that of public domain or creative commons works.

January 07, on fixing Image Attribution

"the problem of detecting altered images is already a solved problem. [..], ImageRights and others can all detect images that have been edited, often heavily."

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October 20, 2014Taking Pictures: A Way for Photographers to Protect Their Work

"There’s software that can help photographers keep tabs, and services like ImageRights International"

Read the full article in The New Yorker

August 13, 2014Safeguarding Truth in Photojournalism: Ami Vitale’s Survival Guide

"Copyright infringement claims are expensive. According to the American Intellectual Property Law Association’s 2013 Annual Report of the Economic Survey, the average cost of a claim through trial ranged from $373,000 to $2.1 million. This gives rise to businesses such as ImageRights International, which provide services to photographers at little or no cost. They file copyright registration, handle infringement claims, discover unlicensed image use and offer legal representation."

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July 21, 2014Bringing Copyright Outlaws to Justice in the Web's Wild West

"I called Joe Naylor, president of a company called ImageRights. After sending him some low-resolution JPEGS, I soon found myself looking at a spreadsheet that listed hundreds of offending URLs and included recommendations on how to proceed with each unlicensed usage."

Read Eric Meola's full article and interview on

May 08, 2014Open Letter To Lightroom - We Need Your Help

"Image Rights will not only assist you in the quarterly and timely registration of all of your image copyrights, but they also have a variety of tools that can discover your images online and recover damages from violations. The company has teams of copyright lawyers all over the world available to represent you at a moments notice."

Read the full letter by Gary Winchester Martin to Adobe Lightroom on

April 26, 2014Getty's move to allow free use of their images online

Getty's move to allow free use of their images online -- what do their actions mean for photographers and their battle to protect their copyright?

Amateur Photographer interviews Joe Naylor, CEO of ImageRights International, and other industry experts

January 24, 2014Playboy Enterprises International / Hearst publishing / Kate Moss

Playboy Enterprises International takes action against Hearst publishing for copyright infringement after Kate Moss shoot appears on Harper's Bazaar website.

Read more on Business Standard

November 22, 2013Haitian earthquake shots

Photographer wins $1.2m copyright infringement case against AFP and Getty Images for stolen Haitian earthquake shots.

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July 27, 2012PhotoShelter's Friday Happy Hour: Protecting Photographer Copyrights & More

"What sets ImageRights apart is that they will take on photographers' cases for little or no fee. Joe Naylor, CEO of ImageRights, also strongly suggests that photographers make registering images with the US Copyright Office part of their regular workflow."


July 23, 2012Photographer Ken Kaminesky's Interview with ImageRights CEO Joe Naylor

"One of the best discoveries I made this year while doing my research on copyright, was a company called ImageRights International. I promised that I'd share some strong solutions for photographers who are interested in being proactive about protecting their copyright. ImageRights offers exactly the services that we as photographers need."

Read more on Ken Kaminesky's blog

May 05, 2012David Hoffman,

Copyright in the 21st century - Living in the digital age has meant an unprecedented exploitation of photographs