December 22, 2016ImageRights December Newsletter

In December's newsletter, we wanted to wish you a happy holiday season and share with you our photographer, Sheila Smart's, best stories about the often ironic pursuit of copyright infringement.

October 13, 2016ImageRights October Newsletter

See articles by Freddie Child Villiers and Jason Langley about their experiences with copyright infringement and why they choose ImageRights to combat it.

September 15, 2016ImageRights September Newsletter

The registration numbers are climbing and so is the recovery! See all the latest with ImageRights and check out photographer Sergio Lanza's story of fighting infringement with ImageRights.

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June 23, 2016ImageRights June Newsletter

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June 23, 2016Protecting Your Investment

An article by attorneys Steven M. Cowley and Brandon Leahy in Intellectual Property Litigation discussing the importance of timely registration of your images.

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June 13, 2016Protecting Your Copyright – Success Story

ImageBrief shares Don Komarechka's success with protecting his copyrights using ImageRights.

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June 03, 2016ImageBrief Partners with ImageRights

See ImageBrief's announcement of our partnership to make copyright protection services more readily available to their users.

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April 07, 2016ImageRights April Newsletter

Receive the latest news from the ImageRights Newsletter! Get up-to-date information on copyright law, photography events, and ImageRights Updates!

In this month's newsletter, Leif Skoogfors shares his story working as a photographer with the US Special Forces, and how the uniqueness of his work lead to infringements that he never saw coming.

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February 04, 2016ImageRights February Newsletter

We've got some big news on the technology front with plenty of system updates so browse below to check it out!

Don't miss the article by Eric Bowers about his experience with copyright infringement and how ImageRights has enabled him to keep shooting as part of ASMP's Strictly Business Blog Series.

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December 01, 2015ImageRights December Newsletter

December 1, 2015- Highlights

This month we are featuring an article written by one of our photographers, Don Komarechka, about his experience with creating a unique photography experience, and how popularity leads to infringement.

We are also proud to announce our new partnership with Pixelrights. Pixelrights is a photographer owned, run and home-grown British company that allows photographers to earn, learn, teach, share, and collaborate by building beautiful online portfolios.

Don't forget to join us for our first Copyright Night with APA NY! Details below!

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December 01, 2015"Capturing Unique Images Today is Becoming Increasingly Challenging"-Don Komarechka

This month's newsletter features an article written by one of our photographers, Don Komarechka, about his experience with creating a unique photography experience, and how popularity leads to infringement.

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Click here to see Don Komarechka's book, Sky Crystals: Unraveling the Mysteries of Snowflakes.

To see more of Don's portfolio of inspiring work, visit

November 17, 2015WPPI/Rangefinder: Copyright Infringement? ImageRights International to the Rescue! [Tech Tuesday]

Copyright registration is generally a relatively straightforward task but ImageRights International, Inc. just made the process so easy with its new plug-in for Lightroom that there’s no excuse not to register your images.

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November 16, 2015PDN: New ImageRights Plugin Brings Copyright Registration to Lightroom

In PDN's October issue, we showed you how photographer Michael Grecco incorporates copyright registration into his workflow.

Now, a new plugin for Lightroom promises to streamline the process a bit by bringing copyright registration into Adobe’s popular image management tool.

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November 16, 2015DIY Photography: Register your photos with the US Copyright Office Directly from Lightroom with ImageRights Plugin

See DIY Photography's article reviewing our plugin for Adobe Lightroom, highlighting the copyright registration information sync to your images metadata!

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Kishore Sawh of SLR Lounge expounds on the benefits of ImageRights against copyright infringement and the new ImageRights Plugin for Adobe Lightroom. View the full article here.

November 03, 2015Who Owns A Photo? The Copyright of a Photograph -- Edmond Terakopian

Edmond Terakopian highlights how the partnership between ImageRights and Pixelrights can unprecedentedly service protecting your copyrights. See full article here

November 03, 2015ImageRights November Newsletter

Updates on what's new with ImageRights. Click here to check out our new plugin and partnerships!

October 23, 2015ImageRights Bridges Adobe Lightroom with US Copyright Office through Its New Lightroom Plug-in

Pro Photographers Can Now Register Their Photos with the USCO Directly from Adobe Lightroom.

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October 22, 2015With ImageRights, You Can Now Legally Copyright Your Photos Out Of Lightroom

Resource Magazine reviews ImageRights Adobe Lightroom plugin, that allows photographers to register their work with the United States Copyright Office directly from Adobe Lightroom.

October 16, 2015ImageRights is Headed to the Photo Plus Expo!

ImageRights will be attending the Photo Plus Expo in New York from October 22nd to the 23rd! We will be announcing some very exciting news for all of our ImageRights photographers! Let us know if you are attending!