April 04, 2018RGG EDU Podcast Series: Episode 57

In this episode RGG EDU is asking the pressing questions on image protection & registration practices! Gary & Rob sit down with two copyright experts, Joe Naylor & Mike Steger to talk best practices, case studies, and the climate today of protecting your images. To download this entire season visit out website at or

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March 29, 2018Selling Stock: Pursuing Infringements

Pursuing Infringements 
By Jim Pickerell 3/29/2018 

When it comes to pursuing copyright infringements the biggest problem for photographers is not finding unauthorized uses, but finding too many. Photographers can do their own searches using Google Images or Tineye. Once a use is found, the photographer must search his/her records to determine if the image has ever been licensed, and if so, the terms of the license.

February 28, 2018ImageRights President and CEO Joe Naylor Tapped as Chairperson of Digital Media Licensing Association Technology Committee


Boston, MA – ImageRights President and CEO Joe Naylor has been appointed Chairperson of Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA) Technology Committee. The announcement was made by DMLA President Geoff Cannon.


February 19, 2018Proof of Existence Is Not Proof of Ownership