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ImageRights Registers 1,000,000th Client Image with the U.S. Copyright Office

von ImageRights, am 12.05.2022, in press releases, usco, copyright, registration

The first and only fully automated U.S. Copyright Registration Service Enables Creators to Submit Registrations of Visual Works in less than 3 Minutes

Boston, Massachusetts – May 12, 2022 ImageRights International, Inc., the world’s leading copyright enforcement service for visual works, today announced that it has registered 1,000,000 images on behalf of its photographer, visual artist, photo agency and media company clients.

ImageRights has offered registration services for visual works with the United States Copyright Office (USCO) since 2010, eliminating many of the administrative and financial barriers that have historically deterred rightsholders from registering their work.  Under U.S. law, registration is required for copyright owners to be eligible to receive statutory damages of up to $150,000 per infringed work, and possible recovery of attorney's fees, without which it is very difficult for attorneys to litigate an infringement case. Photographers lose out on millions of dollars every year for the simple reason that they fail to register their photos with the U.S. Copyright Office.

In addition to making registration fast and easy, ImageRights’ automated error checking and expert human review of the applications the service automatically completes on the website have resulted in over 99% of all registrations being issued without the need for any follow up correspondence with the USCO registration specialists.  As a result, we often have the USCO certificates of registration in hand within only 2-3 weeks of submission.

ImageRights also adheres to the IPTC Photo Metadata Standard to automatically store the USCO registration information in the image files. For photographers using the ImageRights Adobe® Lightroom® plug-in to register their photos with the USCO from directly within the Lightroom environment, the metadata is automatically synced back to the files in their catalog when they subsequently connect to their ImageRights accounts.  This ensures that all the copyright information is accurately contained within their image files when they distribute their photos to their clients or photo agencies or when they post their photos online.

Lickerish (, a high-quality photographic syndication company that provides images of celebrities and models taken by more than 400 internationally renowned photographers, has been using the ImageRights USCO registration service for more than a decade.  It was only fitting that their registration of Dimitry Loiseau’s photos shot for the Fall 2021 issue of Regard Magazine (VA 2-283-389) covered the 1,000,000th image registered through the ImageRights service.  Lickerish director Emma Carlsen stated that, “not only does the ImageRights USCO registration service enable us to efficiently manage registrations for our contributors, but the service also serves as a recruiting tool for us to sign new high-end celebrity, fashion and fine art photographers.”

The registration service is also available to copyright attorneys who are looking for more efficient ways of registering their clients’ visual works and managing their copyright infringement claims.  ImageRights founder and CEO Joe Naylor noted that “the integration of ImageRights automated USCO registration service with its proprietary online image search and claims management platform makes a powerful tool for law firms focused on growing and more efficiently managing their IP clientele.”

About ImageRights

Boston-based ImageRights International, Inc., provides AI-driven intelligent Internet search and copyright enforcement services to photo agencies, image archives, professional photographers, and media companies worldwide, enabling them to maximize control and monetization of their intellectual property.

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