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Motorsport Network Picks ImageRights to Support Its Photography Agency

von IPPro Magazine | Reporter: Jenna Lomax, am 19.09.2019, in press releases, press release

Motorsport Network has chosen ImageRights’ image search and copyright enforcement services to support its Motorsport Images photography agency.

Motorsport Images will utilise ImageRights’ discovery and recovery services to identify infringement of its images online.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), ImageRights’ discovery service analyses each photograph belonging to Motorsport Images.

By creating a unique identity for each individual image, ImageRights searches the internet to locate websites where the images have been used for untoward commercial gain. It then analyses the newly discovered image sightings to predict which uses are the best candidates for taking legal action.

ImageRights’ recovery service will then support the firm in pursuing these copyright infringement claims.

ImageRights both directly negotiates fees for image use and provides access to its global network of legal partners and copyright attorneys to help agree on settlements and initiate court proceedings should that become necessary.

Motorsport Images is part of the Motorsport Network and provides photography of all major current motorsport events, from Formula One Grand Prix racing to national level racing.

James Claydon, managing director at Motorsport Network, said: “We are immensely proud of our photographers and the work they continue to produce, which is why we had to take action against image misuse.”

He added: “Not only do our images make us entirely unique, but they also are part of our identity, and ImageRights has empowered us to say enough is enough when it comes to copyright infringement.”

Joe Naylor, CEO of ImageRights, commented: “While the internet, alongside other technology, gives companies like Motorsport Images an opportunity to showcase their work, it has also opened a can of worms when it comes to image misuse.”

He added: “To be working with Motorsport Images extensive image catalogue is an exciting proposition and we are determined to get Motorsport and its photographers paid for their work.”

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