ImageRights’ proprietary web search and AI will find and then analyze the uses of your images, highlighting those that are most likely to result in successfully recovering fees for unauthorized use.

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how it works

How do we track uses of your images on the internet?


Securely upload and manage your images, with options for FTP and API access for large collections.


We use advanced mathematical algorithms to calculate a unique fingerprint for each of your images.


ImageRights searches the internet and collects fingerprints for any image we see online.


Sightings are analyzed, sorted and ranked, with the pursuable claims delivered to your Inbox.

All sightings are filtered, sorted and ranked in your ImageRights account for you to review, organize and/or pursue.

ImageRights pioneered the elegant solution

of combining the latest search technology with a network of legal partners, and at a stroke removed for me one of life’s irritants — unauthorised use of my photographs by people who generally don’t want to face up to it and pay! Made my life happier and more profitable.”

Michael Freeman, Professional Photographer

ImageRights is a proud supporter of the APA (, ASMP (, ASPP (, CEPIC (, Editorial Photographers United Kingdom and Ireland (, IPTC ( and the Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA).