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ImageRights' system is efficient. Submitting infringements to them takes much less of my time then researching and sending a DMCA takedown notice. ImageRights offered me a way to get a significant part of my life back, and I took it. 

Who is stealing my images?

Sign up for a free ImageRights Pilot 30-day trial and begin the search of your first 100 images using our ImageRights Discovery service. To secure your content, we use SSL-encryption, just like online banking. We will then search the web for free and make an actionable list of all the places where we found your image being used.

How we track uses of your images on the internet:

1. Upload your images to our secure data center. We use SSL-encryption, just like online banking.
2. We use advanced mathematical algorithms to calculate a unique fingerprint for each of your images.
3. ImageRights searches the internet and collects fingerprints for any image we see online.
4. Sightings of potential infringements are delivered directly to your Inbox. 
5. All sightings are filtered, sorted and ranked in your ImageRights account for you to review, organize and/or pursue.

Thanks to ImageRights Discovery, the small creative business owner can, for the first time, leverage the power of the web in the fight against image piracy.

Review and submit your sightings all in one place:

Using our sightings browser, you can review the uses our Discovery service found for all of your images on any website in one central place. Sightings are organized into various folders, such as "Authorized Use" or "Social Media Sites".

You can submit sightings to the ImageRights Recovery service with one click.

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Our Discovery service is included with every paid plan and in the 30-day trial at no extra cost to you. To search more of your images and avoid case service fees, check out our ImageRights Launch and Ascent plans.