ImageRights Recovery

Recover fees for the unauthorized uses of your images.

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Chasing down infringers can create an intolerable drain on your time and resources. The ImageRights Recovery service has been designed to take on this burden for you in order to make the pursuit of these actions as painless and expedient as possible.

Photographers are frustrated due to the lack of resources available to follow through once they become aware of an infringement. The missing link is an integrated business solution such as the ImageRights' Recovery service that will aid the photographer in converting the infringement report into income.

ImageRights eliminates the barriers to pursuing copyright infringement claims:


ImageRights will take on a case for little or no fee.

ImageRights will front all out-of-pocket legal expenses on your behalf.

Time & Resources

ImageRights manages infringement claims for rights holders.

ImageRights will search for additional unlicensed uses.

ImageRights can manage your US Copyright Registration filings.

Legal Representation

ImageRights provides access to a global network of legal partners and copyright attorneys.

Negotiating Leverage

ImageRights leverages its expertise, scale and legal network to pave the way for speedier, higher-value settlements.

To maximize your ability to recover settlement fees on an infringed use of your images, we strongly suggest registering your work with the US Copyright Office. USCO Registration is not just for US citizens. Register directly through our site.

Have you been infringed? Submit your claims now for a free assessment:

Our case preparation process involves researching the infringer and assessing the fee recovery prospects. Our priority is to try to secure a negotiated settlement with the infringer via our in house recovery team or our global network of legal partners.

Fees recovered are shared between you, ImageRights, and our legal partner who handled the case on your behalf depending on which type of account you signed up for (see Pricing for the various options). For the ImageRights Pilot and Launch accounts you receive 45% of the net recovery revenue, while the ImageRights Ascent accounts receive 50%. You have the option to pay monthly or annually. Those who opt to pay annually for Launch and Ascent receive one or three free USCO copyright registrations, respectively. 

If you have any infringements you would like us to assess for you, please submit the following information:

  1. The infringing URL(s)
  2. A copy of your image, preferably resized to a small jpeg, and its official name if applicable
  3. Pricing details for the infringing use if it had been licensed properly
  4. Any screenshots that you have taken
  5. Copyright registration status and details if applicable
  6. Details of any prior communication/license with the infringer if applicable
  7. For our records, please also let us know how you found the infringement

Prior to ImageRights taking on your first case, you will need to

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