June 03, 2016ImageBrief Partners with ImageRights

Protecting Copyright Is Complex. We Just Fixed That.

Photographers lose millions of dollars every year through the misuse and theft of their images. It’s a missed revenue opportunity for photographers and a risk for brands.

Understanding copyright can be difficult. Marketers don’t always know the specific differences between Rights Managed, Royalty-Free and Creative Commons licensing. It can also be challenging for organizations to track and manage the usages of images they have licensed. As designers and creatives come and go, clients are left to track and manage what is legal use and what isn’t.

As a photographer, monitoring and protecting the copyright of your images is a critical function of your business.

What We’re Doing About It

At ImageBrief, we have a commitment to always advocate for the rights of photographers and provide them the tools they need to protect their livelihoods. As a result, we are delighted to announce a new partnership with image protection market leader, ImageRights.

Together with ImageRights we are leading the global fight against the infringement of photographer’s visual works by giving our subscribers turn-key copyright registration and enforcement services straight from within their existing ImageBrief dashboard.

This means that images uploaded to ImageBrief in response to briefs, the photographers’ Personal Marketplace and our ImageBrief Global Marketplace can be monitored for copyright infringement with the flick of a switch.

By activating the ImageRights monitoring service from within the ImageBrief console, photographers can:

Register images with the US Copyright Office. Receive automatic search alerts for use of their images online. Assess potential infringement claims. Pursue them through a specialized global legal network. Together with ImageRights we are leveraging our scale, expertise and ImageRights top tier global legal representation to effectively and efficiently negotiate and collect settlement fees on our community’s behalf, without photographers bearing any of the upfront costs or financial risks associated with pursuing an infringement claim.

ImageBrief Photographer Dashboard:

Protecting Your Copyright

Any photographer can go to Google reverse image search and upload their images one by one, but it’s not a sustainable or practical way to protect an entire collection.

In addition, once you find an unauthorized use of your image, you need to know what to do next before you start spending money on legal advice.

As Jim Pickerall wrote in his recent article Protecting Your Copyright:

“Knowing where the image has been used is only the first of a very difficult chain of steps.

Once you’ve found a use the first question is ‘Did the customer license use of the image?’ If you handle the licensing of ALL your images yourself, and never place your images with an agency or distributor, then you will know if someone has paid to use the image in question. But there are two problems with this strategy.

1 – If you’re really trying to earn revenue from the use of your images, there is very little chance that any potential customer will ever see, or be aware of your image if it is only available on your private website. For that reason, most people trying to license their images place them with stock agencies or distributors.

2 – Most photographers hoping to control the use of their images license them as Rights Managed (RM) and charge based on use.”

Getting Started

ImageBrief photographers will be invited to ‘activate’ ImageRights from within the ImageBrief console.

Once activated, Explorer Plus and Premium members images are automatically indexed and monitored without requiring a separate upload or additional subscription fee.

Explorer Plus members will have up to to 1,000 images monitored, while Premium and Founder Premium will have up to 50,000 images monitored as part of their existing ImageBrief subscription.

ImageBrief Dashboard with Theft Protection Vital Signs:

From within their ImageBrief dashboard, photographers have automatic click-through access to the ImageRights console where they can view the image sightings and mark them as authorized or unauthorized use.

These Vital Signs include:

Priority Sightings – Filtering, sorting and ranking of your sightings so that photographers can focus on the best candidates for recovery. Click through to review these priority sightings and then submit any unauthorized uses for recovery assessment.

Sightings – The total number of sightings of your images found by the ImageRights Discovery Service to date.

Images Protected – The number of images being monitored by ImageRights for unauthorized usage online to potentially pursue as copyright infringement claims.

USCO Registration – The number of images monitored by ImageRights that are registered with the US Copyright Office. Click through to submit new registrations or view status of your current copyright registration application.

Reviewing and submitting your sightings all in one place – The ImageRights Sightings Dashboard:

Regardless of whether you are an existing ImageBrief member, or a new photographer looking to protect your copyright while licensing your images to our global network of 11,500 agencies and brands, we look forward to fighting copyright theft together.